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Before there was a blog ...

There was the Newborn Essentials List

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I started writing this list when I was pregnant with Diddy back in 2006. I refined it when Gaga was born, 21 months later. And then the twins came two years after that and I wrote a whole other list (which I will get up here at some point) for twins.

I ended up sending this list to so many friends -- and they sent it to so many friends -- and they sent it to so many friends -- that I started blogging about parenting tricks and hacks when the kids were all still tiny. 

They are not tiny any more. And a lot has happened in the intervening decade -- I made a movie, I ran for LA City Council, I started a political consulting firm. The blog crashed.


But people kept emailing me, asking for ChecklistMommy's Newborn Essentials list.

This list hasn't been updated in some time, and some of the brand names may not be "cool" anymore and several of them may be defunct. The world has changed in many ways since I started writing these things down. But the cool thing about this list is it's a clickable PDF, so you can surf the web with it, and find alternative or improved products you prefer; or you can print it out and take it to your nearest baby boutique. 

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