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So, a funny thing happened after I had the twins.

Life got a little busy and I kinda …

Forgot to go to the dentist. FOR TWO YEARS.

Here’s how that happens (and this is where I shift into 2nd person because it really is way less embarrassing if I universalize it out to all of you):

You have twins. (Or any young kids, really.)

Your dentist sends you a reminder card that you’re due for an appointment.

You put the appointment card down somewhere – anywhere – and it is immediately covered up by the detritus of family living: magazines, junk mail, diaper bags, you name it.

You eventually un-earth the reminder card, probably under some sort of “we’re having guests” emergency cleaning.

You think, “I need to call them and book an appointment.”

Every time you try to pick up the phone a kid starts screaming / crying / asking for something like food or water.

So, umm. You don’t make the call.

Then one day you FINALLY get it together to call the dentist, you finally manage to book an appointment after a lot of back-and-forth-ing over the phone, you finally DRIVE TO THAT APPOINTMENT …

And  that’s when you discover your dentist has MOVED since you last visited.

You hustle yourself around Google Mapping the neighborhood looking for the new office. You find it! You congratulate yourself on keeping your phone charged (small miracles) and you thank the Google Gods for maybe the billionth time this week.

You are a champion! You have made it to the dentist!

You ask the tech you’ve known for years how long they’ve been in the new offices, and she says, “Two years.”

While you’re busy processing that shock, she follows up with, “Wow, your teeth are a mess. You need to come back in here every 6 weeks until we get you back on track.”

You think, I am never ever telling ANYONE this story.

Then one day you learn about a brilliant new service that would have saved you SO MUCH TIME, ENERGY, and umm, TSURIS. (It’s Rosh Hashanah around here, I’ll be slinging Yiddish around like mad for days.)

I’m talking about:


Brighter.com is essentially the OpenTable.com of dentistry. Here’s what Brighter.com lets you do:

  •  Locate dentists by zip code

CHK Brighter search


  • Check prices for basic services dentist-to-dentist (prices have been bulk-negotiated by Brighter.com, so that you’re getting a competitive price for service — I don’t know about you, but I ain’t got no dental insurance so this a pretty great thing)

CHK Dentist Fee schedule

  • Check out reviews via yelp.com

AND THEN – and this is the holy grail of this whole service people:


CHK Brighter online booking


They had me at “book your appointment online.”

As in, hey, I just got a reminder card from my dentist! You know what I’m gonna do? Pop open my browser and my calendar and book that appointment RIGHT NOW without having to schedule a call around my screaming/crying/hungry/thirsty kids!



I honestly was so enthused by this online booking feature I was kinda willing to ditch my dentist for a dentist closer to my home who just might have beat him to the 21st century and signed up with the service.

But it turned out my dentist was already a Brighter.com dentist, and his pricing seemed pretty reasonable compared to his peers, so I booked myself for my ZILLIONTH follow-up to my TWO YEAR TEETH problems in about ten seconds – you have to create a quickie account, but it’s super easy-peasy – and then next thing I knew I had an email confirming my appointment in my Gmail.

I’m a huge fan of the site so far. The only downside I can see is that at the moment, it only serves the LA market. If you don’t live here, do yourself a favor and email them and tell them you want Brighter.com in your neighborhood, too.

Now if only my gynecologist would offer this kind of service, I’d be covered teeth to …


This is a sponsored post. Brighter.com covered the cost of my appointment in return for my writing about the service. Working with sponsors on an ad hoc basis allows me to provide you with what I hope is entertaining and useful content year-round. Rest assured, I NEVER write about products, services, or brands that I don’t love and believe my readers will love, too. 

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Once upon a time I wanted to be a novelist in NY. FOUR KIDS LATER I'm a
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