FLYING WITH YOUR BABY / BROOD — Part 1: Plan The Attack

This post is one of a 4-part series onĀ Flying with Your Baby / Brood.
Part 1: Plan the Attack!
Part 2: Packing. Packing. And More Packing!
Part 3: Coping with Carry-ons
Part 4: Travel Day! A Curb-To-Curb How-To

* * *

My friend Executive Supermom once told me that she told her extended family that she did not intend to board an airplane with her daughter, then 8 or 9 months old, until she was at least 5, and therefore they would have to suck it up and travel TO the Executive Superfamily if they wanted quality Executive Superfamily time.

She has always been INCREDIBLY GOOD at saying NO and setting clear and reasonable boundaries with people. Continue reading “FLYING WITH YOUR BABY / BROOD — Part 1: Plan The Attack” »

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