When people ask me what it’s like to juggle twins, I usually say I feel lucky they were my last kids and not my first.

(Yes, I do feel lucky, despite my initial trepitdation flip-out.)

By the time Pancake and Sausage came around, I was no longer an anxious first-timer who worried that every move I made would somehow irreparably damage my children’s long-term prospects for a happy, fulfilling future.

And I wasn’t so sensitive to tears as I had been — theirs, or mine.

Plus I’d already bought most of my baby crap before then, and the rest I was fully satisfied to buy second-hand from people I met on local Yahoo mesage boards. (I scored additional car seats, strollers, and swings that way, and if you are stressing out about the costs that twins incur, this is a pretty good way to score some savings up-front.)

So I was free to kinda roll with the twin adventure without stressing out too much about it. Also, I threw money at the problem for the first eight weeks or so (night nurse! night nurse!) and our friends and family and school community brought us meals for a full month, which was an amazing boon, too.

Whatever help you can line up now, do it. Simplify your life as much as you can.

These posts offer a few more suggestions for how to do that.



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