You drive me crazy, but I love you.

That’s probably the number one most-said thing in our house. We say it to each other. We say it to the kids. It’s handy, mostly because not a day goes by when someone in this house isn’t acting like a nutjob.

Much of the time, that person is me.

Between my insane work hours, and my many many many more children than I ever imagined I’d mother, and my marriage, and my house … well … it can all make me feel a little …


So I’ve put some real thought, over the last few years, into what I need to stay sane, and whenever I start to feel too nutty I try to grab a few minutes of:

  • Time alone – reading, lunching, going to museums. Facials? Manicures? (A girl can dream.)
  • Time writing – at least a few hours, a few times a week.
  • Time with my husband – date night! Date night! Date night! And a few minutes to decompress together before bed.
  • Time with my kids – weekend explorations. Movie night. Vacations together.
  • And a semi-organized home environment – at the very least, clean surfaces in our main living areas. Beds made, dishes done. Lists. Labels. Post-its.

Here are a few posts about how I try to do that.

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Sarah Kate Levy

Once upon a time I wanted to be a novelist in NY. FOUR KIDS LATER I'm a
screenwriter in LA who blogs about parenting, partnering, and the decline of civilization / my home.

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