I am, if anything, a bit too la-di-dah about my children’s safety.

  • Nothing in this house is baby-proofed, short of gates at the top and bottom of our main stairs – and the last three feet of those stairs have no railing nor wall to keep small children from tumbling over the side. Which, yes, has happened.
  • My boys, now 2, regularly sit on the counter while I cook, perilously close to toaster, stove top, and knife blocks.
  • I let Gaga, now 4, use the big kid’s jungle gym at her school, despite one of the teachers approaching me EVERY SINGLE MORNING to tell me it gives her heart palpitations to watch Gaga on the monkey bars.
  • Diddy, now 6, is happily hyper-aware of her surroundings and therefore doesn’t often put herself in danger’s way. That said, she doesn’t wear half as much sunscreen as she should, and is always the first to remove her hat.
  • And it can be a little shocking how long I will let ALL my kids fester or fever before I pick up the phone to call their doctor.

All that said, there are some things I take HELLA seriously about my family’s safety.

For instance:

  • NO, THOSE ARE NOT MY KIDS’ REAL NAMES. (It is a little shocking to me how many people seem to believe I’d name my tiny little Jewish kids Diddy and Gaga, not to mention PANCAKE AND SAUSAGE! I mean, come on, folks!)
  • You may have noticed I throw bars up over my kids and husband’s photos on this site. I do this not just because I have some sort of overblown sense of my own importance / fame, and therefore worry they will be stalked in the street, but because images on the interwebs are stolen and repurposed all the time — and not for happy purposes. I have a girlfriend who was once an actress who did a MOW with Ben Affleck. She played his girlfriend. Now there are screenshots of her all over the more pornographic corners of the web, listed under headings like “Watch Ben Affleck Do Unimaginable Things to My Friend.” But grosser.

Here are a few other things I take VERY seriously when thinking about keeping my family safe:


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