Before I had kids, I was wandering through a very fancy schmancy boutique on Melrose Boulevard when I witnessed a truly terrible 13-yo with her daddy’s credit card dressing down a salesgirl.

I promptly called MrBigIdeas, to whom I was not yet married, and said, “I am absolutely NOT raising kids in this town.”

The thing is, the weather here in LA kinda rocks. The locals are, in general, friendly and helpful. Plus I like my house. A lot. And my house is in LA.

So it’s not like we picked up and moved once we married and started having children. We just began thinking seriously about how NOT to raise little entitled Angeleno hell-brats, beginning with:


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  • corrie billiet
    June 4, 2013

    Hello Checklistmommy! This afternoon I found a link on Pinterest to your “Tricky People are the new Strangers” article. I have enjoyed reading ALL of your 9 linked blog posts above, plus approximately 30 more of yours just TODAY! I relate to your voice and so appreciate your sense of humor! As a full time mom, I value your perspective. Thank you for the encouragement! You are a wonderful writer!

    • checklistmommy
      June 5, 2013

      Hi Corrie — Thank you! I so needed that encouragement yesterday … got a screenplay commission kicked back to me and I was feeling SO BLAH! So thank you thank you! Meanwhile: how old are you kids? If you like my parenting POV, I’m sure I’ll like yours, too. Stick around!

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